Ocean Jasper and Moss Agate Men's Beaded Necklace
Ocean Jasper and Moss Agate Men's Beaded Necklace
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The front section of this beautiful men's necklace is of ocean jasper wheel-shaped beads, separated by small hematite discs. The ocean jasper has shades of ivory, olive, mosss, gray, and golden tan. It has the look of sediment and fossils embedded in the stone. This section is followed by a round hematite bead, creamy African opal with a bit of smoky marbling, moss agate rectangles, then small kiwi jasper beads. These are a light green with gray and tan speckles. This is an amazing blend of complementary stones, set off by silver brass spacers. The length of the necklace is 20", closing with a fine quality sterling silver clasp.

Stone Lore:

Ocean Jasper is considered to be as soothing as it looks. It is said to assist with self-love, peace of mind, and empathy, and patience. Physically, it is used to detoxify and help the body absorb nutrients.

African Opal, with its creamy color, is a soothing and purifying stone. As �opal� comes from the word �opalus�, meaning �seeing jewel�, it has been used to cure eye diseases, and to help one to have insight to �see� all possibilities when making decisions.

Moss Agate is said to attract abundance and prosperity, including to gardens and crops. It is considered to have a nurturing, healing energy that helps one to enjoy life and to assist in the healing of the planet.

Kiwi Jasper is known as a nurturing stone that brings tranquility and healing, and which helps one to overcome addictions and any dysfunctional energy.

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